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Program Goals

Our Media Arts Program is designed to teach technical skills and instill confidence in each participant. Teaching students how to find their inner voice and obtain invaluable social skills and literacy skills that will allow them to become more expressive and develop the social acumen necessary for a career in visual media. The skills each participant will gain from participating in our Media Arts Program are career path-driven and designed to create an entrepreneurial mindset. This program will help students learn to think critically about their work and their relationships, and develop their creative skills.

Program Curriculum

Our Media Arts Program curriculum aims to be an exciting mix of filmmaking, podcasting, photography, broadcast journalism, graphic design, poetry & music recording, and chess club curricula to teach participants the processes of turning an idea into different forms of visual media. It's a great way to learn about the creative process and how to use it to create your unique works of art. We provide an outlet for students to learn, create, and share their work using the latest equipment and software. It's a fun and exciting way for young people to start their careers in the arts, so join us today!



The participants create ideas for a film, and they turn their ideas into screenplays that we will later work with to film our movies.


The participants will learn to use film equipment ranging from digital cameras and LED lighting to boom microphones and audio recorders.


The participants learn acting techniques and exercises to increase their skills and performances. They might have an opportunity to act in a film.


Natural Light

The participants will learn outdoor photography using natural light and reflectors to capture images of people, places, and things.

Indoor Studio

The participants will learn to capture images in studio photography settings using flash and LED lighting, to reflectors and softboxes.

Photo Portfolio

The participants will create digital and print images to showcase their work and talents.



The participants will create podcast episodes discussing topics that are important to them, using their voices to educate and engage with other youth.


The participants will learn to set up equipment for their podcast ranging from microphones and headphones to audio recorders and interfaces.


The participants will learn about the importance of branding and how to use online software to design a logo for their podcast.

Graphic Design

Digital Art

The participants will learn to create logos, posters, banners and more, for social media platforms and businesses.

Color Theory

Each participant will learn about the science of using colors that connect with people and are associated with types of businesses.


The participants will learn how to brand their social media and work with businesses who need assistance with branding.

Poetry & Music


The participants will explore different style of poetry and learn how writing poetry can be therapeutic and good for their mental health.

Spoken Work

The participants will learn how to perform their poetic works in front of an audience and how to create work as a team.

Audio Recording

The participants will have an opportunity to record their poems and possibly turn their audio recording into a music video.


Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics that helps participants develop and sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Patience and Concentration

Playing and learning chess encourages participants to practice patience and maintain concentration for extended periods. 

Sportsmanship and Emotional Intelligence

Participants learn how to handle both victory and defeat gracefully, demonstrating good sportsmanship. Players learn to manage frustration, control impulses, and stay composed under pressure.

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